Suzanna Fields (American, born 1975)

Suzanna Fields utilizes paint and ink to create abstract paintings that reflect an intense interest in the natural world, which she depicts through an elaborate method of pouring, spraying and brushing the paints and inks. Suzanna describes her work and process as: “I layer ideas drawn from natural forms until they become their own humid amalgamations in a suspended state of disintegration and growth. My work uses cycles, increments, patterns that come undone, rejuvenation and oscillation, mirroring the micro and the macro in organic abstractions that explore the connectedness of experience. Elements are submerged, obscured or partially revealed as they build up, break down, and remnants are left behind in a watery state of suspended disintegration and growth.  An intermingling of high and low, contemplation and spontaneity, biology, and fantasy, these saturated paintings mix wonder, ebullience, persistence and unease.”
She earned a MFA in painting from Virginia Commonwealth University and lives and works in Richmond, Virginia.