Suzanna Fields (American, born 1975)

“Process is physically and conceptually at the center of my work. I alter and combine ideas from drawings from natural forms that are then layered until they become their own humid amalgamations in a suspended state of disintegration and growth. Rheology (particularly viscosity), transparency and thickness are used to create highly tactile accumulations bubbling with repetitions and deviations. Controlled accidents in my studio echo precarious systems and the beauty of barely-there order in the natural world that preoccupies me. These biomorphic works use polarities and cycles, increments, patterns that come undone, rejuvenation and oscillation, and the mirroring of the micro and the macro to point out the relativity of our experience. When we pay attention, natural processes, even the smallest ones, contain an absolute inevitableness that mutes most worldly worries. An intermingling of high and low, contemplation and spontaneity, my work mixes wonder with ebullience, persistence and unease.”