Stephanie Hirsch (American)

Through exquisite artistry and skillful combination of media, Stephanie Hirsch displays her heart, not on her sleeve, but on her canvases. She fills shaped canvases, measuring up to 5 feet by 4 feet, with a majestic bed of flowers that serves as an appealing resting place for her spiritually infused, stirring adages. Every inch of the canvas contains innumerable tiny beads that form her compositions. Taking the ups and downs of life, and seeing the usefulness in both, her words are informed by the universal life occurrences of being a mother, maintaining a career, and pursuing happiness in it all. In her words: “Mental and physical blockages in life are often self-inflicted, both literally and figuratively. I explore my journey through life as a quest to uncover the truth around me and to express my position through the multifaceted meanings inherent to the words we use and actions we do.”
Stephanie has exhibited throughout New York, the Hamptons, Miami, and Los Angeles. In 2015, she was awarded an artist residency at the P3 Studio at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, curated in partnership with Art Production Fund. Given her background of a degree in costume design and founding and designing a resort fashion line for over 10 years, Hirsch’s work lends itself to the world of fashion and has therefore been featured in Miami Design District’s Art Walk, showcased in the Mercedes Benz VIP lounge at Lincoln Center during New York Fashion Week, and a commission by the iconic beauty brand Erno Laszlo to create a Crown for The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee for display at Harrods, London. Hirsch currently lives and works in New York City.