Rainer Lagemann (German, born 1959)


Trained as an interior architect, Rainer Lagemann turned to sculpture later in his career. He received his formal education at the FH Lippe University in Detmold, Germany, specializing in Design and Architecture. He is fascinated by the human body; to him it is the classic theme of artistic expression and struggle, depicted in all shapes, materials, and mediums since the existence of mankind. In his sculptures, he captures the human body in motion–a freeze frame of classic gestures and emotions. Each is created with hollow metal squares “to elicit both the strength and delicacy of the body.” Each square represents the trials and tribulations of life. The four corners are the intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual dimension of human being. They are the framework of the spirit and the image of the body. With all of Rainer’s sculptures there is a secondary layer of beauty, abstraction and mystery. When darkness falls and the lights come on, the exquisite shadows of form, squares, body and spirit cast themselves upon the walls creating a second sculpture of light and shadow.

Rainer was born in Dusseldorf, Germany in 1959 and is currently based in Miami, Florida.