Paul Solberg (American, born 1969)

Solberg spent two years studying photography and anthropology in Cape Town, South Africa. After completing his studies in anthropology, he returned to Southern Africa to work on a land conservation project in Bophuthatswana. He began his photographic career with his first published book, Bloom (2005), following Puppies Behind Bars (2006), Tyrants + Lederhosen (2011), and Tattoos, Hornets & Fire (2012). First known for his acclaimed still life portraits, the same depth is seen in his human subjects, such as the portrait of Ai Weiwei (2008), and in his haunting portraits of the Armed Forces, in Service (2010). Solberg also shares an international career as one of the Art Duo, The Hilton Brothers, with fellow artist Christopher Makos. Solberg lives in New York City.