Linda Brown (American)

Linda-portraitGreatly influenced by the work of post-war European painters such as Matta and Gorky who explored the evocative language of color, Brown has a fascination with the exploration of the subconscious and the subliminal. Her work seeks to make such concepts visible, to make them real on the canvas. Brown paints in an abstract and painterly manner, using color as a motivating force. At times bold, at times subtle, she composes her non-representational work by juxtaposing fields of color, shapes, and textures. Brown allows the natural properties of oil painting to build slowly in layers of oil glazes and transparencies. Keeping the chroma as fresh and pure as possible, she lets chance permeate the work as she seeks a balance between order and serendipity. By reworking and layering, sometimes wet-on-wet, the final painterly surface often features a field of subtle variations, animated by calligraphic marks.

Brown lives and works in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she partners her husband in Gemini Studio, a small independent consultancy that bridges art, design and larger issues of town planning.