Kary Coke (American, born 1965)

Born in Los Angeles, California in 1965. His Father is a preacher, a theologian, that moved his young family across the country, back and forth, finding work as a pastor.  They moved from L.A. to Lubbock, Texas when Kary was 15 and then back to Northern California three years later. The family settled in Charlotte, North Carolina a few years later.  Somewhat a thrill seeker as a kid, Kary raced motocross professionally and later travelled the country as a ski bum. Ultimately the love of mountains and travelling opened an opportunity to live in Switzerland for two years (1990-1991) The interaction with different cultures, architecture and witnessing the deep reverence for art in Europe anchored the passion for art.  

Upon returning from Europe Kary helped start a co-op artist group in an old building on North Davidson Street which later became NODA.   After receiving a scholarship to attend the California College of the Arts he moved back to California and graduated with honors and a BFA in 1997 in both Ceramics and Painting.  While there he also won the Jason Schoener Emeritus grant. After graduation the college asked Kary to manage the painting and print making departments and teach summer classes which he did for the next six years.   In 2010 he moved back to Charlotte and continues to sell to collectors.