Julie Anne Greenberg (American)

365 artists headshotJulie Anne Greenberg looks to the human urge to predict and understand the uncertainty and volatility of the major weather systems. Her abstract collages are based in the color-coded, highly-scientific maps of meteorologists. In her words: “When the storm breaks, news reports discuss each storm as though it is a person, imbuing it with a personality as details are described. There is an effort to identify, categorize, and understand each system. Ultimately, we are powerless against these sublime forces. In this series, I explore storms using screenprinted textures of raindrops that I have created using sand and water. The raindrops dictate how I cut the paper, and I am not fully in control of the results. As I print, cut, and stare, I find myself sitting in the middle of each disturbance, rearranging pieces that no longer fit together.” She continually looks to capture the illusive and awesome nature of water.

Greenberg studied at Tyler School of Art at Temple University and earned a Master’s degree from The Ohio State University. She is based in Raleigh, where she maintains her studio while also being a full-time Assistant Professor at Wake Technical Community College.