Chatham Meade Kemp (American)

Chatham Meade Kemp’s paintings are her interpretations of the Mississippi landscape. Created by “composing an entire world made of fragments—a patch of light here, the suggestion of a color or a shape there—that flow together in a way that is not always logical, temporally or spatially.”

Kemp teaches painting and drawing at William Carey University. She received her Master’s of Fine Arts degree in painting from Indiana University in Bloomington and her Bachelor’s of Arts degree from the University of Southern Mississippi. From early childhood, Chatham’s life was centered around making art, traveling to museums, and interacting with arts. She is the daughter of James W. Meade who has been an art faculty member at the University of Southern Mississippi for over 40 years and Myra Meade who taught art and ceramics to high school students and elementary school students in addition to being a landscape painter. It is her pleasure and privilege both in teaching and artistic production to give back to her native south Mississippi.