Anne Austin Pearce (American, born 1968)

Anne Austin Pearce illustrates those moments for which there is no distinct emotional adjective to employ – ambiguous moments that occur exclusively in one’s head or often between two people at an intersection of communication. She gives form to these moments by applying various media to panel or paper in a collage of sensations and textures.

Pearce was born in Lawrence, Kansas and studied art at the Kansas City Art Institute, Brighton Polytechnic, and the University of Kansas. In 1993, Pearce received a full scholarship to James Madison University, where she received her MFA degree in drawing and painting. Her work has been recently acquired by the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art and the Spencer Museum. Exhibitions include Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, Drawing Center, MDC’s Museum of Art + Design, and Daum Museum of Contemporary Art.

Currently, Pearce is a Professor of Art at Rockhurst University and Director of Greenlease Gallery.