Aaron Ligon (American)

Aaron Ligon

Aaron Ligon is a ceramic artist working in Charlotte, NC.  Much of his work is derivative of functional pottery, but heavily carved through with organic shapes and compositions, including surface carving in rhythmic, undulating patterns.
Aaron’s current work is in two clay bodies: earthenware and porcelain. Earthenware is a richly colored, common type of ceramic that is thrown (sculpted or formed using a wheel), refined, glazed, and fired to cone 5/6 (about 2,200 Fahrenheit). Porcelain is a white, sometimes translucent clay perfected in 9th century China and introduced in western culture in the 1700’s. These porcelain works are fired in a downdraft reduction kiln to cone 10, about 2,350 Fahrenheit, a multi day process, or in an oxidation electric kiln.
 A variety of glazed and surface treatments are employed.  All finished pieces are fully vitrified (therefore impervious to liquids) and glazes are non-toxic, except as labeled.  Some pieces are adorned with 22k gold.
Aaron maintains a studio at his home and at Clayworks, one of the largest non-profit ceramic arts education centers in the US.

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